Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wololoo! HAHAHAHAHAHA...Hic! YES. You played two hours to die like this? Nice Town; I'll take it. Wood Please. The wonder, the wonder, the...NOOO!!!

It's old, but it's still a blast to play with friends. It's called Age of Empires - "The Conquerors."

(In case you're wondering what the hidden meaning behind the strange title is, they are just some of the audible phrases and taunts that AOE has a part of the game. They are a blast to use in multiplayer... during the entire gameplay.haha)

I dedicate this post (can you dedicate posts? If so, I do) to my good buddies Josh and Josiah Winkler, with whom my brother and I play AOE everytime we get together, which isn't nearly enough. Wololoo!!! Ah, smite me!

I also dedicate this to my good buddies and cousins Loren and Nathaniel, with whom, also, we play when we get together, which also isn't nearly enough (however, since Nathaniel is graduating from highschool this year, (tomorrow as a matter of fact) tomorrow morning my family is heading up to Napa for the big Brown Family weekend sha-bang!! Woohoo! I can't wait! BTW congrats Nathaniel - and many happy returns!!!).

In case you've never played AOE or seen someone play it, but you might know someone who watched someone else play it maybe, then the following menu and in-game screenshots are for you. Maybe they will inspire you to go out and buy this 10 year old masterpiece.haha

Don't these guys look like conquerors?

(Read aloud with heavy English accent as is spoken in Stan Freberg's "The United States of America - The Early Years" (which I plan to post about sometime in the relatively near future).).

"Look at them all out there - how fierce they look. Why, they're not moving a muscle! Seem to be frozen in their tracks. Almost like a painting. Grim visage of war. My, look at the determination on that fellow - the skinny kid with the pipe."

(This too.) "Hello! They've begun their barrage. Great heavens lord Cornwallis, I'm afraid we've had it. Yes, well, time for the better part of valor and all that. Shall we go? After you sir. Righto."
End of quotes from Stan Freberg.

Sorry, when I saw the first picture of those three guys up there, I thought of that dialogue...thought you might enjoy it.

BTW, I hate population limits.


Lora said...

START THE GAME ALREADY!!! I am deeply touched by your kind posting dedication... You and Preston are awesome.

Josh W.

Anonymous said...

Don't point that thing at me!!!
I'm deeply touched as well! You have a towel so I can dry my eyes?!?

Josiah Winkler