Friday, May 29, 2009

Grande Cappuccino with an Add-shot? Ok, what's your name sir.

This happened at work today. I can only wonder what would have been the outcome if I hadn't have double-checked the name that my co-worker wrote? I will omit a description of the kind gentleman.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taco Joe's About 2 Months Ago

My mom - the blackberry photographer. Notice the new "mod" style poses she incorporated.

The "born for adversity" look

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Excuses, Excuses...

This may shock you, but I am posting once again. I have read, in times past, several people's excuses as to why they have not kept up with their blogs every week; from too much school to too much work to extreme weariness. 

All those are fine and dandy excuses, but none apply to me. I did finish the semester at SBVC last Monday, but I honestly did not study very much at all throughout the whole semester - mixture between easy classes and apathy to study. I do still work at Starbucks - around 20 hours a week. Also, working mostly in the early mornings (4am), and not going to bed till around 10 or 11pm, has caused me to be perpetually tired.

Although I could use those excuses, I won't. My excuse used to be that nothing interesting had happened lately, and I did not know what to blog about. But my mother shot that one down every time I tried to use it with instances that had just occurred that surely my readers would find very interesting: such as, my 20th birthday trip to Lazer Tag Island in Upland, a memorable dinner with my sweet mother and dear brother at Taco Joe's here in Rialto, a recent powerful youth service at our church, having my taxes done by an older lady (who, as I found out during the course of conversation, was a missionary to Peru during the same time that my father was there as a missionary's boy), swapping out a flat tire on the truck, and this past weekend at the Winklers' in Phoenix.

So, in actuality, I did (and do) have some postworthy things to write. So there goes that excuse, but there still is one that works, that is, I've been too lazy and apathetic to post. But I cannot allow myself to fall into a life of laziness. If I let myself fall into that trap with regards to writing, it might be easier to integrate into my everyday lifestyle. Today the blog, tomorrow my job. Not gonna happen.

Therefore, I will try (key word) to update my readers with the recent happenings in my life. I understand that my style of writing can be, at times, rather monotonous... and long. So I will try to keep my posts at a readable length. 

So, with that being said, prepare yourself for a few updates - and pictures to-boot, hopefully.

First Celebrity Dies of Swine Flu!!