Saturday, April 16, 2011

Huachipa Zoo Last Saturday

Seven days ago I was privileged to be able to spend the day with the Sotomayor family at the Huachipa zoo here in Lima. I brought my camera along to get some good shots of the lions, bears, leopards, and one Andean Condor. I had a feeling this was going to be a good day! Upon our arrival we decided to go look at the little animals first.

After the Giraffe, that is...

These are aquatic creatures native to, among other places, Peru. They can be found in rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. They're called "fish".

Here's one such example of the fish's natural habitat, the mighty Rimac river.

We also saw this pod of cayman hatchlings. (They too enjoy dwelling in water.)

Iguanas... (also native to Peru) (They like to drink water.)


More snakes...

More snakes...

and more...

and more...

This weird lizard-like thing

And, believe it or not, more snakes. (This time a Boa.)

As well as this tortoise piggy-back riding a croc.

y Focas tambien

Penguins and a really tall skinny bird.

Not sure what this one's called but it looked weird, so I took a picture.

And right before we went on to the big animals, here is where my camera died, because I forgot to charge it the night before. However, I found some people who had a camera that worked, so please enjoy the following pictures of animals that we saw.


Bear Jaguar




Can't wait to go back! Maybe then I'll remember to charge my camera.

God bless,



Kathy McElhaney said...

Your camera rebelled because you took too many pictures of SNAKES!!

BTW, I love your sense of humor. The additional pictures made me feel like I was right there.

Laura Brown said...

Love ya Jarron. Missing you TONS!!!

Jarron said...

Sis. McElhaney,
I think you may be right. I'm glad you enjoyed the last few pics. I try my best to make my readers feel like they're part of

Laura, i miss you tons too! Board a plane with your bro and come visit me for a week! Flights are cheap... cough* cough*

Sarboo said...

I am so glad you are updating this blog. It's great to read a little bit of your adventures. Sarah