Tuesday, May 27, 2008

World's Most Annoying Classmate - (with added picture)

So I experienced my first day of class for the summer semester today. I'm taking WST 140 (Water Distribution 1-2). It's a 6 week M-T-W night class from 6pm to 9:20pm. Donavon and I rode together tonight since we are taking the class together. When we walked in at like 5 minutes till, it was already getting full. So we took a seat in the back row. (I was already registered for the class. Donny was an add-on) At first it didn't look like Donny was going to get added on, because the class was "full" already, and there were around 10 add-ons. Mrs. C's list had 35 names on it at the beginning. It ended up with like 48.lol The classroom was packed out. She had to bring in extra chairs.lol It should be a fairly easy class.

If you've ever gone to college for any amount of time, you've experienced attending class with the world's most annoying person; you know the guy, he's the one that sits in the very front row, and feels like it is his job to finish the teacher's sentences before he/she can. Picture, with me, the class as they sit, listening with anticipation, as the teacher sets forth a question as an introduction to the next teaching point. This individual, however, feels that this is his opportunity to confirm to the class, that he really is as stupid as we all had already suspected by 
blurting out his answer (which is always way off). Then, when told wrong, he turns it into a guessing game. All the while, the rest of us are sitting somewhat quietly, our hatred for him growing stronger every second. We bite our lips, yelling at him in our minds to shut up and let the teacher give the answer. That's not all though, oh no. He also has the most annoying voice you've ever heard too. That's right. You know, the one that hasn't reached puberty yet. Ugh! (This picture is of him btw. I took it with Donny's phone camera through his arm for concealment purposes.)
So, if you have ever experienced this, then you'll sympathize with me, because--well, he showed up today, and accomplished his goal, already in the first 2 hours of the semester, of gaining the abhorrence of all 47 other class mates. I think God is trying my patience/temper level in this portion of my life, because I had just previously finished a math class this last semester with one of this guy's relatives, apparently. Poor lady, I don't think she passed the class. Her statements throughout the year let us all know, pretty much, that she was failing. Otherwise, it's been a nice day.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Deep Thought for the Day

To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.
Jack Handey

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Carl Joseph Ballestero - A Legend in Pentecost

     When we, as younger people, hear of "old-fashioned holiness preaching," certain names typically start to roll through our minds: names such as Verbal Bean, Robert Cavaness, Murray Burr, Andrew Baker, the Davis brothers, I. H. Terry, Allen Picklesimer, A. L. O'Brian; just to name a few - most of whom, also, have already gone on to receive their eternal reward.
     One name, however, when approached with this subject, automatically comes to the forefront of my mind, the name of Carl Joseph Ballestero. You quite possibly have heard the messages "The Golden Chain of Mystery," "Fatal Flaws," "The Reproach of Christ," "The Sin of Silence," "The Dragnet," "A Girl Named Mary," "Acres of Diamonds;" These classics, among many others, (too many to name) were the direct result of his relationship with God along with the burden and anointing that rested upon this great man. The countless hours which he poured into study is evident while listening to his messages. He was the most scholarly man I have ever known.
     Uncle Carl was a speaker extraordinaire; and I don't think it would be exaggeration for me to say that God absolutely and completely filled this man to overflowing with the gift of oration. I've never heard anyone preach quite like the man, Carl Ballestero.
     Uncle Carl had quite a testimony too. He grew up in the ghettos of Los Angeles and as a boy became involved with the rat-packs
 which led him eventually to spending time in San Quentin. It was there that he really determined to live for God. He would preach to his fellow prisoners about the goodness of God. And it was also there that he first felt God's anointing while preaching. When he was released, his life was already changed by God, and he began to accomplish His "peculiar work".
     I was talking, the other day, with a man that goes to my church. And he mentioned that when he read Bro. Ballestero's book it really reminded him of his past. Because he also grew up in L A, and was involved in gangs until God found him and called him into His fold.
     Uncle Carl wrote a book about his life, and called it "How High My Mountain." It is a book
 that will greatly affect anyone who reads it. It's one of my personal favorites. (It also has lots of pictures in it.)
     Many people were saved under his ministry and countless others were deeply affected by his preaching. Uncle Carl defined was a real God-called preacher is. He was truly one of the great legends of Pentecost. 
     The message that Uncle Carl preached at the UPCI General Conference in 1964 is probably the most well-remembered sermon amidst Pentecostal circles today - And that is "The Handwriting on the Wall." God warned the church that night, and clearly prophesied what the future would hold for us if we, as the church, became apathetic regarding preaching and living the standards that God plainly wrote out for us in his Word. God, through Elder Carl Ballestero, predicted the outcome of a church that entertained worldliness and iniquity, just as Daniel did in Babylon thousands of years ago.
     What he said about another, would be even better said about himself, "As long as we have preaching like this man preaches it, there will be an Apostolic church that is ready for the rapture."

Click below to play "The Handwriting on the Wall."