Thursday, September 29, 2011

The CCC-CCKC Project

You may call to remembrance a previous post regarding the big mythical earthquake that destroyed our church kitchen a couple weeks ago. (Click here if you don't remember) If you read the whole thing, you were made aware that it was merely a poor attempt at humor. However, by doing so, you will also remember my following explanation regarding the undergoing "remodel," of sorts, to our church kitchen, which explained the rubble and destruction in the accompanying photo.

Since then, construction has been progressing quite rapidly, and I feel I would be remiss not to provide an abbreviated update on the progress of thus aforementioned project.

Below are a few photos and commentary of, what I should like to call, the CCC-CCKC Project (Current Commemorative Camera-Captured Church Kitchen Construction).

Please Enjoy!

The initial wreckage

These guys transferred this pile of dirt to the above "initial wreckage" scene

He's still learning how to push a wheel barrel...

Bro. Martin Reyna: Expert wheel barrel pusher

Bro. Jerson Azang shoveling dirt

Bro. Jaime Alva also shoveling dirt

I'm really a very powerful person... This dirt was just unusually heavy

Woman watching. Guys shoveling.

Bro. Alejandro watching Bro. Tony go down with the dirt-filled wheel barrel

Bro. Alejandro helping Bro. Tony get back up

Two women smiling

Myself and Sis. Nancy supervising (watching) the proceedings

Me preparing for a somersault. (not really)

Bro. Alejandro rescuing Leonardo from Tony's fate. Josias offering a hand.

Bro. Cesar using his wheel barrel to point out where the outside pile of dirt must go

Man in green pushing wheel barrel in orange

Nancy smiling. Men working.

A short stairway was installed here, thus allowing access through the gray door and  into the sanctuary on the left,
which happens to be a bit lower than the kitchen.

Pastor Nix enjoying the progress

Brick laying seems to be significantly less difficult for Tony

Bro. Juan Carlos overcome with emotion.
He says, "It's a labor of love..."

 The following section of photos are what I should like to call the

The various tools below are some of those which were found strewn about on the construction site.

Three dust pans

Chisel and hammer. Kind of like the ones Jael used on Sisera (Bible, Judges 4).

Bro. Juan Carlos using above "Chisel and hammer" on newly built brick wall

Above hammer with other more modern-looking hammer

Push broom


Pair of gloves

Other pair of gloves with whisk broom (not to be confused with above "push broom")

Hand saw, measuring tape, wire cutters, leveler, and blue broom (on the right)

Three trowels (two inside, one outside) and a shovel


Crow bar

Pair of vacant boots

Two wheel barrels

Monkey wrench and drinking cup

Comb (was not used during construction)

Whoop! How'd that get in here?

Some pans

Shovel, push broom, board, and bicycle

Plastic spoon
 That marks the end of the "Tools" section. And I sincerely hope you thoroughly enjoyed that part of the presentation, as it took much time and thought.

Here we have Bro. Jose carrying bricks to the bricklayer in the kitchen

Here we have Bro. Jaime doing it the easy way

I was about to win the "Who can run the most bricks to the bricklayer the fastest" when  I hit a rock...

Just kidding. I made it all right... Barely.

Doing my part in helping to unload the brick delivery cart

These were very heavy bricks

Bro. Pedro is a very mighty man

He is too, but the bricks were all gone by then.

The bricks went here

Mr. Bricklayer using ultra-modern leveling techniques

A window without glass will go here

The finished product... up till now at least.
To the left are the steps leading into the sanctuary.
To the left is where our baptisms were previously conducted (refer to previous posts for pictures).
There you have it - The CCC-CCKC Project (Current Commemorative Camera-Captured Church Kitchen Construction) in a nut shell.

This time, I've allowed a special place for the reader to express his or her positive feelings about my blog, which I have called the "comments" section. Feel free to avail yourself.


ADD -- Please forgive me as I forgot to mention why we are remodeling the kitchen. We needed more space in order to accommodate the masses that eat lunch at our church every Sunday afternoon. Really! We are doing it especially now because our annual national crusade will be occurring next weekend and there will be a multitude of people who will appreciate the extra room. Stay tuned for pictures of that as well, as we are expecting awesome things to happen!