Thursday, May 22, 2008

Carl Joseph Ballestero - A Legend in Pentecost

     When we, as younger people, hear of "old-fashioned holiness preaching," certain names typically start to roll through our minds: names such as Verbal Bean, Robert Cavaness, Murray Burr, Andrew Baker, the Davis brothers, I. H. Terry, Allen Picklesimer, A. L. O'Brian; just to name a few - most of whom, also, have already gone on to receive their eternal reward.
     One name, however, when approached with this subject, automatically comes to the forefront of my mind, the name of Carl Joseph Ballestero. You quite possibly have heard the messages "The Golden Chain of Mystery," "Fatal Flaws," "The Reproach of Christ," "The Sin of Silence," "The Dragnet," "A Girl Named Mary," "Acres of Diamonds;" These classics, among many others, (too many to name) were the direct result of his relationship with God along with the burden and anointing that rested upon this great man. The countless hours which he poured into study is evident while listening to his messages. He was the most scholarly man I have ever known.
     Uncle Carl was a speaker extraordinaire; and I don't think it would be exaggeration for me to say that God absolutely and completely filled this man to overflowing with the gift of oration. I've never heard anyone preach quite like the man, Carl Ballestero.
     Uncle Carl had quite a testimony too. He grew up in the ghettos of Los Angeles and as a boy became involved with the rat-packs
 which led him eventually to spending time in San Quentin. It was there that he really determined to live for God. He would preach to his fellow prisoners about the goodness of God. And it was also there that he first felt God's anointing while preaching. When he was released, his life was already changed by God, and he began to accomplish His "peculiar work".
     I was talking, the other day, with a man that goes to my church. And he mentioned that when he read Bro. Ballestero's book it really reminded him of his past. Because he also grew up in L A, and was involved in gangs until God found him and called him into His fold.
     Uncle Carl wrote a book about his life, and called it "How High My Mountain." It is a book
 that will greatly affect anyone who reads it. It's one of my personal favorites. (It also has lots of pictures in it.)
     Many people were saved under his ministry and countless others were deeply affected by his preaching. Uncle Carl defined was a real God-called preacher is. He was truly one of the great legends of Pentecost. 
     The message that Uncle Carl preached at the UPCI General Conference in 1964 is probably the most well-remembered sermon amidst Pentecostal circles today - And that is "The Handwriting on the Wall." God warned the church that night, and clearly prophesied what the future would hold for us if we, as the church, became apathetic regarding preaching and living the standards that God plainly wrote out for us in his Word. God, through Elder Carl Ballestero, predicted the outcome of a church that entertained worldliness and iniquity, just as Daniel did in Babylon thousands of years ago.
     What he said about another, would be even better said about himself, "As long as we have preaching like this man preaches it, there will be an Apostolic church that is ready for the rapture."

Click below to play "The Handwriting on the Wall."


John said...

Amen brother Jarron! I love that message and would pay handsomely to get my hands on some mp3's of the other messages you mentioned...

Jarron said...

hey John, I'm actually in the process of getting about 10 old tapes of him preaching copied onto cds. if it's easy enough for me to post them, i will.

good hearing from you!

Darren Spell said...

Love Bro. Ballestero's preaching. If you get a chance can you post the other messages?

Jarron said...

check out

that's whhere i'll be posting more sermons. i think i have three up already, but i'll have more coming this weekend hopefully.

Sandra Bracken said...

Jarron, in searching for where I could purchase Bro. Carl Ballestero's book I ran across your blog. Thank God for men of God who were not afraid to declare the Truth! And thank you for helping us get reconnected to some of his preaching!! Lastly, is his book still available for purchase? I'd like several copies if you can direct me.--Sis. Bracken

Jarron said...

Hey Sis. Bracken, it was good to see you at Aunt Jan's funeral.

Our church sells his book. However, if you want it on cd, we have that too. you can call our church @ 909-820-2393 and request it there. Hope that helps.

Jarron said...

I have transfered his preaching to is no longer in use.

Anonymous said...

ELDER JARRON, Carl Ballestero is near the top of my favorite preachers of all time. He could seem to make it all alive and have you reaching out from God from deep within. Between him and Lee Davis they're probably my favorites. We learn a lot of things in life from many different teachers, and I thank God for all the teachers he's putting my life.

Anonymous said...

When I think of Holiness preaching The Names that come to mind are Ballestero, Shew, Cavaness, J.Davis, Terry, Duke, Perdew, Dudley, Meade, Alvear, Lawhorn, when I think of knowing HIM I think of Elder Paul Price, When I think of Balance I think of Elder Vaughn Morton, When I search for a Hero I think of my Pastor Elder Donald Hyler.