Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Easter Bunny is Saved

This is my aunt Floreen. Read her story below of what happened a few days ago atwork! And if you can't read between the lines - SHE LOVES ANIMALS!

welllllllllllllllll, Darren that we work with (he moved up here from Placentia, CA as an adjuster - long story) anyway he comes in and says "there's a bunny out in the parking lot next to the highway near the concrete sign "!!

Yipes, I said we can't leave it there.He said I wasn't about to pick up that bunny (I've been bitten before) So I talk Anna (who works in here and also has bunnies of her own and she grabbed a box and off we went. Well, we looked all over and we couldn't see any bunny. (it's windy and very cold this morning too)!

We come back in and Darren said come on Floreen I'll show you where it is. Sooooooooo, we headed out and sure enough he pointed right to the little guy so I looked down Baker street and made sure the light was red and no cars were coming and I grabbed him!!!!!!!!! Yup, I caught it first time!!! What a darling bunny!! So I held it tight and close so it wouldn't get away and walked back with it to a large group of people watching the whole rescue!!!! So cameras were flashing everywhere (HR dept was there too and may be in the next company wide newsletter, yipes) and now I'm embarassed but there's one happy bunny that didn't go "Squish" on the highway thanks to Darren and me!!!!!!

(and you think I only WORK here!!!)