Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Recent Calamity

This is a while after the clean-up. The pictures don't do me

As most of you know, our church just wrapped up a two weeker with Unc. Marty Ballestero. During that time, we had church services on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. Now you will understand why last night we did not have our regular Wednesday night Bible Study. Instead, last night, around 30 fun-loving people (including myself, and also thanks to Katie and Erica for putting it together) came to the church to play volleyball. It was scheduled for 7pm. Of course, some of us got there early. So we decided to play a game of 21 (basketball) while we waited for the rest to get there.

It is then and there that my short but eventful story begins. There we were, Jason, Justin, myself, Scotty, Phillip, Donavon, and Carmello playing 21. At one point, Carmello came in for a lay-up - missed. I grabbed the rebound as Carmello came down on my head, his teeth sinking into my skull. I grabbed my head, he spit a mouthful of blood. (At that time, I was not aware that my forehead was gushing profusely. I just felt like someone had clubbed me over the head.) I thought I was fine (I still didn't feel the blood running down my nose). Until Justin assured me that he wasn't joking when he said I had blood all over my face. As I left the court, I threw the ball from the 3-point line, as I had tried several times before-hand with no success. This time, however, as I turned away, I heard the snap of the net as I had swushed it cleanly. (That felt good.)

I wish I would've taken of picture of myself in the bathroom mirror. My face was a bloody mess (by now, I was constantly brushing the blood, trying to prevent it from streaming down my neck into my shirt.) I quickly washed my face and put a wad of paper towell on the cut to try to halt the bleeding. Then I went to the table where Jana and Katie were sitting. Thanks to Erica for retrieving neosporin, and to Katie for applying it to my wound, I fared fine. Unfortunately I didn't get to play volleyball.

That night, when I went home, my dad took pictures, then I had my mom wrap it in a huge bandage so I wouldn't roll over in bed and rip my forehead back open, causing much more pain and anguish.

And so ended a very memorable day in my life.

So much for a short story, eh? lol

Saturday, July 19, 2008

How do you define "bad biker"?

Apparently "normal" is not an option.

The taller the bar, the badder you are!