Monday, June 6, 2011

What Does the Horse Really Say? (Poem inspired by Brian Regan.) Also, an Account of a Recent Experience

- Horse -

What does the horse really say?
Does he say Wilber?
Or does he say Neigh?
Please place your vote, but don't rush away.
For the votes will be tallied on the seventh day.

Please do not hesitate,
For your voice must be heard.
Which do you speculate
Is the most used horse-word?

FYI, the vote is on the sidebar.

The "Account of a Recent Experience" part...

Saturday, two days ago, Hno. Jose asked me if I wanted to see a friend of his, here in Lima, who owns 20 some-odd racing horses. I love horses, so naturally, I said "YES!" Actually I said "SI!" but that's beside the point. This friend keeps his race horses at a certain race horse keeping place of which I've forgotten the name. It's situated directly beside the... the "Lima Horse Racing Place." (or something like that.) Anyhow, I took some pictures of the occasion and thought you might enjoy them. This was also the first time I had actually seen a horse race. As we were touring the place, we walked out to the race track where they were preparing for a race. I got a couple photos of the horses taking off, then we left. It was quite the exhilarating experience.

Please enjoy.
Also, if you have any questions about horses, for example, "Are they pretty?" "Are they big?" "What do they feel like?" "How much would a racing horse cost?" "how big was the track?" etc,  please feel free to ask, as since my visit to this place, I feel like I am much more knowledgeable. I would be more than happy to pull from my vast bottomed-out, er, bottomless pit of knowledge and provide answers for all your inquiries regarding horses and things horse-related (donkeys, zebras, mules, etc.).

This picture is of three horses and three men (6 in all)

One tall horse and one short man

Notice his sophisticated saddle.

Got them both smiling. Though the one on the right was difficult to catch.

Two race horses and one race horse taker-care-of.

Me and the horse that tried to eat my shirt.

He also almost ate my camera.

Old horse and Bro. Jose

Me and the old horse

Bro. Jose, our friend (with the phone), and me (behind the picture).
The big trailer being towed by the tractor is called the "horse-race-starter-place." Very sophisticated name, I know. I'm actually surprised I remembered it all. It's the place where the race horses start the horse race.

This was taken right after the race horses started the horse race from the previously mentioned "horse-race-starter-place."

As mentioned before, feel free to send in any questions that you might have. As you can see from my highly technical horse talk, I am quite knowledgeable on the subject. I would be happy to hear from you.
Meanwhile, God bless!
May the horse be with you! (hehe.. haha.. snicker.. phkknppk)

P.S. Don't forget to cast in that ballot! It's on the sidebar with BIG LETTERS, you can't miss it.


Sarboo said...

Jarron, You crack me up! Love your blog. Sarah

Debby said...

How fun! Quiero ir a ver los caballos cuando llego a Peru. =)

Jarron said...


Si, podemos! :)