Wednesday, December 7, 2011

October Lima Crusade Pt 3

This elderly man, who Pastor Mendoza is praying for, is a retired chief justice for the supreme court of Peru.
The man praying behind him is his son, Bro. Jose Remar.


I had two platefuls of delicious picarrones.

Anthony Bravo

Pastor Juan de la Cruz leading worship

This is the son of a local trinitarian pastor.

Pastor Emiliano Alejo baptized his wife's brother on the final night of the crusade.

Pastor Hermes Mendoza & Pastor Fernando Quinones praying with him.


Ash said...

You posted lol
Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Mary Frances said...

Heeeey fellow Apostolic blogger!!! My friend Destiny and I would like to present you with a fun, holiday blog challenge!!! Go to the link below for the details!

Jonathan said...

This is the most exciting event that I have witnessed in a month. I just love to see Jesus at work in the church.

Jarron said...

I did post. lol I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. Now that I'm home, I'm hardly ever on a computer. That's my
God bless,